Peg & Pole Tents

Peg & Pole Tents

Peg & Pole tents for sale India. A pole marquee consists of canvas and more recently PVC, under tension by means of centre poles, side poles and guy ropes which are attached to ground stakes hammered into soft surfaces only such as a lawn or field. Hand made of white cotton canvas, traditional poled marquees are more attractive but much less practical and versatile than aluminium frame marquees. The modern PVC traditional pole marquee was introduced due to the material being easier to clean than woven canvas and giving them a longer hire life span.

Peg & Pole tents for sale India

Peg & Pole tent

Peg & Pole Tent

A tension tent is a newer variation of the Peg & Pole Tent. The general design is similar to the pole marquee. However, it usually has fewer poles, and the integrity of the structure is maintained by the tension of the fabric. It also is very similar to a tensile structure It is often used for outdoor weddings, parties and other events. It has been adapted and updated in various other tent types including the High Peak Frame Tent and Freeform / Stretch / Flex Tent styles.

Peg & Pole Tents are available in many different sizes; -5M X 5M; 5M X 10M -7M X 12 M -9M X 15M; 9M X 18M; 9M X 21M;9M X 24M; 9M X 27M;9M X 30M -12M X 30M -15M X 24M; 15M X 30M; 15M X 33M

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